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Pride: The Opposite of Shame

This past weekend I, along with about 5,000 other lesbians, was walking the streets of Provincetown for Memorial Day weekend when I came upon a little shop called Womanscraft. Inside the shelves were filled with wonderful paintings, books, buttons, pins, and t shirts all about bold, empowering women, diversity, equality, justice, the list goes on and on. Yet it wasn't the massive portrait of RBG that stuck out to me. Instead, it was a tiny sticker hidden in a basket full of stickers with a single phrase printed in black ink - "Pride: The opposite of shame." I held it for a moment, feeling the printing raised off the slick, shiny paper and breathed a low, deep breath. Shame. If there...

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Mourning for my Alma Mater

There’s an old saying that goes, “the only thing people love more than a hero is to watch a hero fall.” I’ve never liked the quote. As anyone who turned on the news or glanced at social media may know by now, Jerry Falwell, Jr. resigned as President of Liberty University today following a scandal of Epstein proportion. At least we think he did? Either way, I won’t spend time discussing the details of what’s happened with my alma mater, but I do want to spend a few moments talking about some thoughts and feelings I have regarding the events. When I first heard the news today, my first emotion was utter disbelief. As facts became irrefutable, it turned to...

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Quarreling in Quarantine: When a Mother and Daughter Just Stop Speaking

It's day 14 of quarantine and believe it or not, I've thoroughly enjoyed the past two weeks. Why? Well because I have been blessed to have spent basically every moment of these past two weeks with my soul mate.  When we first realized we were going to be holed up in her apartment for an indefinite period of time, I told her that this was probably going to be the most amount of time we ever get to spend with each other until we retire. I mean, even our honeymoon won't last this long. This realty has essentially launched us into a two week (and still counting) journey through our relationship. We are learning more about each other with each day...

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