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To Forgive is Divine, To Forgive Yourself is Essential

My father left my mother for my babysitter when I was 10 years old. She was 18. He was a pretty crappy human being to my mother and myself in many other ways which need not be addressed here, and when I was 13 I elected to no longer spend time with him.  A few years ago, when he sent me a message on LinkedIn (of all things), I responded. When he asked to see me on my next trip to Orlando, I said yes. And when I saw him, we hugged and I cried. I forgave my father. I had forgiven him almost a decade before he had sat across the table from me and asked for it.  Last...

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The Failures that Formed Me

It's funny the things we want people to know and the things we choose to keep to ourselves. If we think about it, we are more defined by our failures in life than our successes.  So, this blog is dedicated to just a few of the major fuck ups I've had in life and the amazing places those failures have brought me.  3. The time I got rejected from law school. Most people know I'm a lawyer, and why wouldn't they? It's one of my greatest "successes" in life. But what most people don't know is how close that dream was to not coming true.  Every year, aspiring young wanna be law students apply to law school. I had applied to mine and had been waitlisted at...

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