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The Most Loyal Love: Responding to a Message Condemnation

I've been planning a surprise birthday party for my mom for about a month now. I'm taking off work, flying to Virginia at 5 am and walking in on a lunch with her and her closest friends. I've called the restaurant for the reservation, arranged for my uncle to pick me up from the airport, have all of her friends on board, etc.  Today I got a phone call from one of her best friends who said they had a question about the party. The "question" was essentially whether I would be using the birthday party as an excuse to display my sexuality and make some form of gay-nouncement. She was concerned I was planning on introducing her to someone significant and that...

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Lonely but Never Alone: Lessons from Tanglewood

This past weekend I took my annual "solo adventure". Last year, my inaugural quest took me to Rhode Island where I stayed in a studio Air BnB in downtown Providence, explored Brown University and RISD and spent the next day doing the Cliff Walk in Newport and lusting over every square inch of The Breakers.  This year, my destination was Lenox, Massachusetts where every year an exceptional man by the name of John Williams hosts a concert with the Boston Symphony Orchestra where they perform some of his legendary works at a little music venue called Tanglewood. (If you don't know who John Williams, just think Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Jaws, Superman, E.T., Harry Potter -the first three at least, and Indiana Jones).  The...

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