They say. I Hear.: Fighting the Voices Within.

 They say: You’re so beautiful

                I hear:   Your eyes are so small.

They say: You’re so smart.

                I hear: You suck at math.

They say: You have a great smile. 

               I hear: You're ugly when you don't smile. 

They say: You’re so funny

                I hear: They’re laughing at you.

They say: You’re so athletic.

                I hear: You clumsy fuck.

They say: You’re so kind.

                I hear: You’re a doormat.

They say: You’re so certain of what you want.

                I hear: You have no idea what you’re doing.

They say: You’re so confident.

                I hear: You’re a coward.

They say: You’re going to be alright.

                I hear: You should just stay asleep.

They say: You are special.

                I hear: You’re nothing.

They say: You can trust me.

                I hear: They’re lying to you.

They say: You should always put yourself first.

                I hear: You’re so selfish.

They say: You deserve the best.

                I hear: You are worthless.

They say: I just want you to be happy.

                I hear: They don't want you.

They say: Anyone is lucky to have you.

                I hear: She’ll never choose you.

They say: I’ll never leave you.

                I hear: They’re already gone.

They say: Jesus loves you.

                I hear: If only you weren’t gay.

They say: I love you.

                I hear: Conditionally.


Note from the Author: 

As most of you know, this isn't my typical blog format but when I sat down to write this, I couldn't put it into enough words to even form a complete paragraph. The feelings came out in this format and I decided to just leave them be. I think everyone has a few "demons" they fight pretty regularly. These are some of mine. I hope it helps anyone who is struggling with some of the same things I do on a daily basis. 

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  • Mike

    Kacey, I have always thought you are a smart and beautiful woman. No hidden agenda, and I tend to be blunt. I just wanted you to know that I always have your back, and although I went thru Liberty with you, I do not share all of the (so called) morals from there. I like you and accept you as you are. BTW my daughter has said some of the same things in your poem. So I hear you…

  • Andrea Boccia

    You’re an inspiration

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