The Koala Hospital

Koala Hospital Gender Traitor
Last year we made a commitment to donate a portion of our profits to "souls in need". This quarter, those souls come with thick grey fur and round ears.

As many of you know, the Australian bush fires have ravaged an entire continent and are still burning. A staggering 1 billion animals are estimated to have been killed by these wildfires. The internet is flooded with photos of Kangaroos approaching passerby's for help and Koalas clinging to firemen for life. Even more encouraging are the images of the thousands of international volunteer firefighters, animal rescue groups, EMTs, and humanitarians who have flown to Australia to offer aid. 

Since we couldn't fly to Australia and wrap up the animals in our super soft T's, we've decided to do the next best thing. 

I am proud to announce that this quarter, we are donating a portion of our profits to The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. 

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital is on the ground actively rescuing and rehabilitating Koalas who have been burned and injured by the bush fires in Australia. If you wish to donate directly to the Hospital, you can do so on their website by clicking here

Our prayers are with our loved ones down in Oz. Here's hoping we can make a tiny bit of difference in some furry friend's lives. 

Always love,