Photography/Videography: Elizabeth

Growing up in Southern California, Elizabeth embraced a laid back yet, adventurous lifestyle. A cross country move to the east coast and a decade of moving later, nothing felt like home and her identity was left somewhere on the winding roads behind her.

What kept her heart beating was her love for capturing the energy around her through photography and personal writing. With a background in engineering, a masters in business and a heart for the creative, Elizabeth hopes to amplify the passion and belief of Gender Traitor that all humans can find self-love and acceptance from themselves and from a community of people that love them as they choose to be seen.

Elizabeth knows what it can feel like through her own experience of chasing educational and career success as well as a short stint in the US Navy that left a trail of unfulfilled milestones and distant connections. Though engulfed with uncertainty she believed that the arduous road she was stumbling down would demand the personal growth that she sought.

It wasn't a fear of backlash that kept Elizabeth from labeling her self in the lgbtq+ community, it was the inability to love herself for who she was and not who she thought she needed to be. She now uses her writing and photography to share a message of embracing who you are, right in the place that you are in. She looks forward to sharing more raw stories and energy of people loving themselves and loving life.

You can see Elizabeth's other work and connect with her personally by clicking here.