In June 2018 Kacey attended her first Pride event in New York. She had known she "liked girls" since she was 14 and had been out to most people in her life for years, yet, it took her over a decade to finally be proud it. It was then that she realized this was all too common - people not being proud of who they are. That's when Gender Traitor was born.  

Attorney by day and entrepreneur by night, Kacey works passionately in both of her careers, but perhaps her favorite part of being the owner of Gender Traitor is watching the impact it has on people's lives every day. From helping transitioning men and women become who they were born to be, to simply giving struggling kids an outlet for expression, Gender Traitor's effect is both visible and viral. 

Kacey's hope is that Gender Traitor will serve as a platform for people to express themselves, as well as a safe place where everyone can truly live a life label free.

A native Floridian, Kacey moved to New York City after attending both college and law school at a small religious school in central Virginia. The family and community she has found in the city has proven to be invaluable and she and her one-eyed cat, Odin, now happily now call West Harlem their home.