Graphic Design: Ashley

Ashley was born and raised in San Jose, California and exposed to creativity at an early age by her grandparents. She dreamed of being an architect since she was a kid, so she pursued that dream in high school by taking college courses in the summer at Cornell University. Ashley continued to pursue her architecture degree at the University of Oregon.

While living in Track Town USA, Ashley quickly became fascinated by sneaker culture, athletic and urban apparel. She decided to pivot towards graphic design, knowing she would have the opportunity to compile all of her interests into varied forms of designs. Ashley then found herself working for a software company while in school and fell in love with product design.

In 2017 Ashley received her B.S. in graphic design from Portland State University and decided to move to NYC. She has been working as a graphic designer ever since and uses her spare time to work on passion projects, like Gender Traitor.

More of Ashley's work can be found on her personal website by clicking here