Rise and Pride: Daybreaker Hosts Pride Themed Dance Party in Brooklyn

Going to clubs on the weekend is a common event in New York City. Going to a club at 10:00 am on Saturday morning? Maybe not so much. But that is exactly what about 500 of my closest friends and I did last Saturday, June 15, 2018. Why? Well, this Saturday, an organization known as Daybreaker was hosting a Pride themed party at House of Yes! in Brooklyn and it was anything but common event. 

The music was not only liberating but the message of being pride rang true throughout the entire morning. Whether it was the aerial artists scaling up silks that were hanging from the ceiling or the solo performance by Kaleena Zanders, the morning was dripping with Pride. Guests were met with free organic snacks and Kombucha in lieu of cocktails and tapas. (Side note-Daybreaker is an alcohol free, drug free experience!) The organization focuses on the freeing and connecting power of music and energy over drugs and alcohol and promotes a healthy and clean way of living and fun. 

According to their website, Daybreaker.com, "Daybreaker is an early morning dance movement in 22 cities around the world and growing. We start with a one hour yoga + fitness experience and then dance with reckless abandon for two hours before work."

For those less flexible, such as myself, you can skip the yoga and opt for the "Just Dance" pass which gives you two hours to get down with your bad self and boogie with all caution to the wind- often literally as these parties are frequently held on boats and rooftops. 

I had the opportunity to speak very briefly to Co-Founder and CEO of Daybreaker, Rhada Agrawal, who welcomed me with open arms (literally she just hugged me upon meeting me) and continued to dance with me on the stage. 

While this was my first Daybreaker event, it certainly will not be the last. The life and energy that these parties have to offer is unsurpassed by any experience I have had since living in New York City (both under the influence and not).  I made new friends, yelled, laughed, cried and danced with people I may not have even said hello to on the street. By the end of the party I felt more high than I have on any substance. 

So, next time you're hitting the snooze button on that alarm, try waking up with some EDM and making new friends at Daybreaker. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

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