Review of Ellis Presents Invite-Only Pride Event at Up&Down NYC

I've been on the invite list for the Ellis Presents parties for about six months now, and I must say they never disappoint. 

Last night, Wednesday June 20, 2018, at Up&Down NYC event was no exception.This week's event was held at the trendy Up&Down in the Village (West Village of course, I mean, is there another one?) I must admit I was a tad skeptical, what with it being on a Wednesday night and all. I had been unsuccessful in securing tickets to the Saturday night event, taking place at a location only recently revealed. Tickets for that Ellis Presents event sold out within minutes. (Literally minutes!). So, when the Wednesday night Ellis Presents event was announced, I pounced on it.

My concerns were quickly put at ease, as we entered the location and the entire basement was rented out just for the event, which essentially means you're shooting fish in a barrel, for lack of a better term. Ellis Presents is known for their repertoire of attractive, "femme" ladies, and this Wednesday night was no exception. The room was filled with beautiful women of all ages, shapes and sizes and the environment was welcoming and relaxed, while upbeat and energetic. 

After a few hours of dancing and realizing I knew way too many of the women in the room, my group and I migrated upstairs with the rest of the herd where the energy was cranked to an even higher level. More women kept pouring in the door, even as we were leaving close to 1:00 am and the music upstairs far surpassed the basement's vibes. (AKA, original Cardi B. upstairs vs. some random Cardi B remix downstairs). 

In the end, new friends were made and old friends we didn't know would even be there were hugged.

Main complaint: Drinks were wildly overpriced ($20.00 for a tiny cocktail is just insane, even in New York City) but overall I say the event was a great success. 

Can't wait until the next one, ladies! 

Interested in getting on the invite list? Fill out the form here, or follow them on instagram for updates. Tell them you were referred by Kacey Martin of Gender Traitor and get in the door!


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